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Application of these Terms & Conditions

By the creation and registration of a Contract Account by a client, the Client agrees to and accepts: these Terms & Conditions of use of his Contract Account which constitute a legal agreement between the Client and the Company and will bind the Client. The Company does not provide to the Client any investment services until the client registers a Contract account and accepts the terms and conditions for the investment services. To have acknowledged that he/she has read, understood and accepted the provisions of the Privacy Policy on the Company.

  • Confidentiality

    The Parties agree to keep confidential and not to disclose to any third party any confidential information given by the other Party under this Agreement, including without limitation all the communication, documentation or other information exchanged between them, both during the term of the Agreement as well as after its termination. By registering and/or creating a Contract Account, the Client acknowledges and consents to the processing of any personal data provided by him/her to the Company in the manner as described herein and at all times as permitted by applicable laws. The Company has the right, without prior notice to the Client, to disclose personal data or details of the transactions of the Client in order to comply with the requirements of regulatory authorities. The Company may also disclose such information to its auditors/consultants provided if they are informed and committed to the confidentiality of the information communicated. The Company will handle all Clients’ personal data according to the relevant laws and regulations for the protection of personal data as this may be amended from time to time.

  • Key Points

    Highest earning plan which allows investors to earn about 2-4% daily and 10-20% weekly for a Duration of 18 weeks or 90 Trading Days. Initial Investment and Earnings will not be open for Withdrawal till the 18 weeks or 90 Trading days time frame elaspes When Investors register with they acknowledge their willingness to share with the company certain private information which we use for the purpose of confirming the Investors’s identity and ensuring the security of their deposits and trading account. This information is collected in line with our stringent verification procedures which are used to deter international money laundering operations and to ensure the security and safety of our customer

    By registering with and through the voluntary interaction they undertake with products and services the Investors confirm and agree that they consent to the use of all or part of the information they provide concerning their Contract account, the transactions they undertake through it and the interactions which they perform with the company on behalf of the company. All interactions the customer undertakes with the company will be stored by the company for the purposes of record and as such may be employed by the company in such cases that disputes arise between Investors and company.

  • Procedures

    From time to time may contact Investors whether by phone or email for the purpose of offering them further information about Contract. In addition the company may, on occasion, seek to contact clients, whether by phone or by email, for the purpose of informing them of unique promotional offerings provided by for the Investors. Investors consent to the receipt of such contact when they consent to our terms and conditions of use when registering with

    All investments can be terminated before the above stipulated investment duration as long as service charge is paid in full, simply by contacting the company whether by phone or email and requesting that no further contact on behalf of the company will be made.

    Upon processing of your Contract Plan Application, Investors will download the Legal Agreement provided by the Company's Legal Department, in which the Investor will sign, keep a copy and upload a Scanned Copy back to the Company.