Skywing-investment.com provides financial services. The Company offers investments & Brokerage Firms, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, stocks and bonds. financial planning, and pre-paid legal services, as well as renders life, health, auto, home, and long term care insurance products. Skywing-investment.com Limited is based in the United Kingdom and our market is primarily in the United States and Canada.

Financial Planning

We all have dreams of a successful retirement, ensuring a legacy for our family, protecting our family from unexpected circumstances. Planning and taking action steps necessary to achieve these dreams can be difficult. At skywing-investment.comharvard-investment.com we help our clients create a strategic plan and guide them along the way to ensure they reach their goals and objectives. We determine the financial resources available to work with and anticipate additional wealth that will be available in the future to help achieve your financial objectives Clearly define the goals and objectives important to your family Evaluate the various options and determine the appropriate planning strategies Start the journey – Determining the course of action to implement your plan Constantly evaluate – we all hit snags on this road called life. We continue to monitor the progress with our clients and make necessary adjustments

Private Wealth Management

Knowledge of the financial markets is just one of many critical components of a successful financial strategy.skywing-investment.com offers objective institutional advice in the context of a personal relationship. We manage our clients’ wealth, along with their charitable legacies and the retirement plans of their businesses. We also advise trusts, foundations, charitable organizations and corporations.

Five Reasons Why skywing-investment.com is a wise choice for investors:

1.With so many choices available to investors, how do you make an informed decision? harvard-investment.com provides the best of both worlds: A wide range of solutions plus objective advice. Our extensive relationships with institutional investment management firms give our clients access to preferred vehicles. Additionally, our independence from product providers ensures that our advice is always for our clients.

2.Skywing-investment.com professionals work with you closely to create an investment plan to protect your wealth and meet your long-term goals. We make a significant commitment to research, due diligence, manager scrutiny, and diversity across all essential asset classes in structuring your portfolio. Based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we build a diversified portfolio using managers and structures we believe are the best of class for each type of asset, resulting in an efficient total portfolio.

3.Since 2018, harvard-investment.com has achieved a reputation for disciplined investment management and commitment to service, one client at a time. We offer a deep bench; the expertise of our trained advisory, trading and service teams plus industry experts provides a turnkey solution for all of your portfolio management needs. We value our clients and we work to make that clear in every aspect of our relationship with you.

4.No investment process is complete without objective monitoring of results and clear communications. At harvard-investment.com, we emphasize transparency so clients can understand the characteristics of each investment. We make ourselves accountable for regular communication on how each investment and the total portfolio have performed in relation to your personal objectives.

5.We understand the complexities wealth can pose. Our financial strategies go well beyond investment management, taking your financial needs and personal goals into consideration. harvard-investment.com works across generations and works to systematically address vital concerns such as estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic goals, and family financial education. While managing your wealth, we can, if needed, provide recommendations and partner with accountants, lawyers and other professionals in whom we have the highest confidence, in order to help realize your financial goals.

Asset Management

Based on your financial goals and risk profile, we build a custom tailored portfolio strategy that meets your investment goals. As an independent investment advisory firm, we have the commitment to act solely in your best interest with the flexibility to choose a portfolio that best addresses your needs.

Estate Planning

We coordinate our expertise and resources to provide comprehensive estate analysis and consultation primarily focused on adopting strategies that balance today’s income and cash flow needs while reducing estate erosion at death.

Retirement Plans

With a focus on employee education, communication, and investment advice, we deliver turnkey retirement plan consulting, administration, and investment services, offering thousands of quality mutual fund managers over a single platform providing 24 hour access to plan participants.

Who We Are
We are a fiduciary protecting the plan sponsor, retirement committee and trustee, under federal law, from liability resulting from investment selections made by plan participants.
We are a trusted advisor and counselor to individuals and institutions needing wealth management services, just like your employees. We have a passion for helping people.
Our mission is to instill employee loyalty and confidence in their corporate sponsored qualified plan through motivation, financial planning, performance and trust. Providing investment advice to plan participants is a win-win for both the employer and its employees. Studies have shown that employees benefit from direct access to employee specific investment advice resulting in increased employee contribution levels, enhanced employee confidence, reduction in levels of personal stress and anxiety, and better management of personal finances. Employers experience the benefits of better employee relations, increased employee morale and greater retention of their employee talent pool.

Advice vs. Education
There is a fine line between advice and education. Advice begins where education should end. The moment a participant asks a plan representative which 401(k) option they should be investing their money in, the participant is now seeking financial advice.

Using only the investment options available in the plan, we answer the question as to what an employee should invest their money in. We work with each employee to develop an appropriate asset allocation. We teach Economics 101…understanding the influence and impact of supply and demand on the stock market and in everyday life. We educate and provide an understanding of the different methodologies of money management. We teach employees how and when to use different investment vehicles based on their needs and temperament for risk to achieve different goals and objectives.