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Our Programs

Reward-ventures Connects is a global program that provides Reward-ventures employees with the opportunity to make a difference through community service, volunteer projects, mentoring and non-profit board service.

We also strengthen our community by investing both financial and intellectual capital in key non-profit partners. We achieve this through employee-driven service and giving, firmwide community grantmaking and learning and board service opportunities. Our objective is to make a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

Reward-ventures LaunchPad is an entrepreneurship network for colleges and universities, available to over 750,000 students globally and designed to support and mentor students, alumni and staff – regardless of major, experience, or discipline. The LaunchPad program provides content, connections, and expertise– including access to Techstars’ mentor network and content – to students interested in entrepreneurship, and supports student founders from idea to growth stage through a variety of on- and off-campus activities. The program engages more than 50,000 students annually, with more than 10,000 participating in our events and programs

The Inclusive Entrepreneurship Foundation was launched in London in 2017 to provide underserved entrepreneurs in that city greater access to resources and opportunities for growth by investing in the incubators and accelerators that specifically serve them. Through the program, we have funded and supported the work of eight outstanding organizations that work with women, communities of color, military veterans and diverse young people, with an eye towards regional and national impact.

The Reward-ventures Entrepreneurs Network takes a holistic approach to building thriving and inclusive entrepreneurship economies across the globe. We invest our time, resources and intellectual capital to empower founders and their communities. Our programs include mentorship, training and networking for founders, as well as strengthening the capacity of entrepreneurship support organizations (ESOs) to invest in a diverse and inclusive pipeline. We also convene ers across stakeholder groups to break down barriers and collaborate in building a stronger entrepreneurial ecosystem for all. We want the communities we serve to go fast and go far – and we give them the tools to get there.