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Our Notable Experts

Our Departments


The Product Managers, Designers and Data Analysts are a team of awesome minds who constantly build Skywing-investment into the brand that is made for you.

Human Resources

It’s up to us to make people feel at home. Whether working in the office, remotely, or their very own bat cave. We work to attract smart, passionate, humble people and continually improve the employee experience at Skywing-investment.


With a top-notch strategy of market trends, customer needs, the competitive landscape, and creativity, the marketing department transforms Skywing-investment into a lifestyle meant for everyone.


We build the technological backbone of the business and empower other teams to thrive. From data engineering to machine learning, we bring the tech skills that turn Skywing-investment's "out of the box" ideas into reality.


We run the numbers like a mathematically minded Benjamin Banneker, we take Skywing-investment's numbers through financial planning, forecasting, analysis, and reporting.


A team of great individuals whose eagle eyes are constantly focused on the operations of the company and are always ready to spring to action to either correct anomalies or defend the company where necessary.


We are the face of financial transactions at Skywing-investment, leveraging on the use of cutting-edge technologies to ensure swift payments, settlement, and reconciliation.

Quality Assurance

Anytime you get that 'wow' moment while using a Skywing-investment product, know that there is a combination of people who love to ensure that our services meet and surpass the expectations of our customers. This is the Quality Assurance team.

SCRUM and Productivity

We are your go-to persons for applying scrum to produce high-quality, timely work.